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This is the Official Afterpulse Wiki. It currently has 362 articles about the free-to-play action third person mobile shooter created by Digital Legends Entertainment. Download it for free on IOS or Android. Create an account now and start adding your knowledge to the wiki! If you have any questions, complains or comments about this wiki, please leave a message on our wall or email us at

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Afterpulse is the next generation of online mobile shooters, perfectly designed for iOS. Every detail has been especially designed to take advantage of the mobile platform, capturing the essence of the console shooter. The result is over hundreds of hours of fun and intense gameplay powered by ultra-smooth and fully customizable touchscreen controls.

However, in this fast paced game, you may be wondering what might be a the best weapon to buy, upgraded or trade off or what equipment would best suit your play style. Don't turn away Solider this wiki has everything you need to know!

What are you waiting for? Dive right into the chaotic battlefield of Afterpulse! We guarantee you'll learn something.

Download the Game Now!

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Afterpulse Events Board
This is the Afterpulse Events Board. Where all constant and current events can be found.

Gold Rush (Higher chance for extra Gold at end of matches): Active

Double Weapon XP (x2 XP gain towards any weapon): Active

Triple Weapon XP (x3 XP gain towards any weapon): Inactive

Combine Event (Increased chance to get a weapon *New or Series* by combining: Inactive

Increased Weapon Drop rates (Increased chance to get a weapon *New or Series* by opening crates): Inactive

Daily Double (Daily Double Gold): Active

Weapon Fusion Discount (Cost of upgrading *Fusing* weapons reduced): Inactive

Monthly Challenges (Special Challenges for the month for extra Gold): Inactive

IAP % increase drop rate (Increased chance for ): Active

Sale (New weapons and/or gear released): Active

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Theses are the main Afterpulse Youtubers. They make videos of Afterpulse gameplays, reviews or crate unboxings that anyone can watch. Click on one of the pictures of YouTubers to watch their videos.
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A 500 Veteran

The A 500 Veteran is the Veteran series version of the A 500. The A 500 Veteran has a large clip containing the most ammunition among Assault Rifles and great range due to a long barrel. The A 500 Veteran has been made out of high-quality materials and fire mechanisms giving it overall increased stats over the regular A 500. ...more

A 500 Veteran preview
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Afterpulse Community Polls
Please take part in our polls! They tell us how the community feels about the game. Its a great way for the Afterpulse community to vote on their ideas that they would like in the game.

Future Weapons Poll

What type of weapon would you like to see come out in the future?

The poll was created at 23:31 on September 6, 2016, and so far 30 people voted.

Weapon Skins Poll

What type of future skin / series would you like to see on weapons?

The poll was created at 23:31 on September 6, 2016, and so far 15 people voted.

Ranked Play

What do you think of Ranked?

The poll was created at 23:31 on September 6, 2016, and so far 19 people voted.