The Military Weapon Crate is a shop item which randomly gives you one weapon with stars between 1-3. It costs 4000 Cash to buy one.


The Military Weapon Crate is the main source of weapons for players to start with in the game since the weapon section in the shop lacks a variety of weapons. It is often used as a weapon generator for fusing weapons to level up once the player has chosen the preferred weapon. 1-2 star and unwanted 3 star weapons are mostly used as fusion materials while some 3 star weapons are either used as the player's preferred weapons or evolution materials.

Because it only grants weapons with stars 1-3, it is very difficult for players to upgrade high-ranked weapons (Mostly 5-7) with the crate's content, though it takes millions of cash and time to get its evolution materials.


The Military Weapon Crate contains a lot of basic weapons of simple categories; Handgun, Assault, LMG, Precision and Launcher. This crate has 14 weapons and a total of 38 weapons when including each rank of the weapon. The list below shows all of the known weapons that could be obtained from this crate.








  • Shotguns are the only weapons that aren't dropped from this crate.

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