Razed Fort is a medium but close quaters map that takes place in a battlescared old military base somewhere in the desert. The map itself behaves similar to Close Quaters Camp as the area is obstructed with walls that provide ether partial or complete protection against enemy fire but not so much protection to explosives. The map consists of 2 broken down buildings on ether sides which players can use to hide in or tacticly defend it also consists of a cramp narrow trench in the middle that spands the entire map and is often used for quick transfers between one side or the other. Most of the fighting will take place at or by ether one of the bases, useually between the 2 buidlings but can also spread through out the bottom of the map and into the trench.


Due to the nature of the map being like Close Quaters Camp run and guns rules still apply and are generally your best bet. The map is good for starters/new players as even though it is medium size there are is alot of cover and many possible flank routes making it possible for even the worst of players to end up sneaking behind an enemy. If players do ever start to get camped out all the way back to their base they can safely rely on the 2 broken buildings for cover and protection. When going on the offensive it is sometimes best to use the spanning ditch in the middle of the map to get across undetected and set up some easy kills, however some players may have that idea too so its always best to equip a close range weapon when crossing the ditch. The windows from the 1st spawn and the holes in the wall from the 2nd spawn oftern prove as the best sniping spots as you become a very hard target to see when taking cover their while you have great map vision aswell. If camping is your tactic then the best plan is to get into one of the oppersite teams buildings and hold it off at all costs, inturn preventing them from spawning their. However due to the changing of the spawns you will oftern find them spawning close and using the close range flank routes to get you. It is recommend for best practise that you never try to run across the bridge in the center of the map as this usually results in and instant death. Overall this map is pefect for every weapon from every range.


  • Many players who migrated from Digital Legends other game "Respawnables" were happy when this map came out due to it looking and playing like the famous and iconic map Sandtown from Respawnables.


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