Shipwreck is a large arctic map with a echo base, crashed container and fishing boats and is located somwhere in the arctic circle. This map has many different features and suits all playing styles. The map consists of a base camp which is also a spawn, 2 big crashed boats which can be traveled over or around and an open area with glacier tunnels that you can run through. Most of the battles will traverse between the 2 boats and long range weapons can cap poeple coming out of ether spawn, their will be battles throught the glacier too just not as many due to the fact that it has many blind spots.


First off it is always good when playing this map to equip dark camouflage as you blend in better to the dark corners and shadows of the snowy enviroments giving you an advantage over your enemys. That being said you cannont really "camouflage" into the enviroment due to the fact that enemys can spot you very easily as your name is visible to them in bright red. Long range weapons equipped by your opponent may automatically lock upon you resulting in flawed camouflage tactics. When playing this map the main tactic is to take it slow due to the harsh snowy conditions reducing your vision of your surrondings, going the route towards and through the glacier is useually the safest opion since its the least used place by players and the harsh snowy conditions arnt as bad. If playing safe isnt your idea then your best bet is what most players do and rush towards the 2 boats and have an all out firefight, but be careful as many players will try to flank you from around the boats if you camp for too long.


  • This is the first map to feature a snowy enviroment.
  • This is the first map to feature major visual effects.

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