• I just got a 2 3-star launchers, the MK330-GL BRAVO and the ML20-RL BRAVO Q1- which one is better ? Q2- Can you really aim with these things ? I find it ultra difficult to handle. Do I need to upgrade the level in order to be able to better handle it ?

    On grenades q3- how do you guys make sure you are aiming when you throw a grenade and is it possible to control the distance of the throw (throw further away)? I seem to always throw my grenades at the wrong places.

    Thanks a lot!

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    • I also got the MK330-GL Bravo in 3-star.

      I don't immediately like it, but I want to see if it is worth keeping and upgrading.
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    • The MK330-GL BRAVO does a better job for me than the ML20-RL BRAVO (I have the 4 star of it, and I will soon evolve it to 5 star)

      Its projectile ravels faster and you can run faster with the gun. Because the projectile is affected by gravity, I can use it as a 'mortar' to bombard enemies at distance, and also helps me get it hit the ground.

      In the other hand, the rocket launcher is like the grenade launcher except it shoots straight (But not accurate like the GL unless you have a scope). You're sluggish too, which means you are most likely to get hit.

      They both serve the same purpose, but it's up to you which one you choose. If you struggle at aiming, pick the rocket launcher.

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    • To add on what yarrrr said the grenade launcher allows you to hit someone while moving decently fast compared to the rocket. the best place to practice is in training where you have targets that are somewhat less "smart" than players on how cautious they are when these make very good practice targets to shoot until you get the hang of it.

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