• On the Afterpulse website, it mentions a series of high grade weapons that have code names: alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, and foxtrot. I only know of some of them: There are the ML20-RL BRAVO and the M330-GL BRAVO, which are launchers and are relatively common. Then there is the AKSG-12 CHARLIE shotgun, which is pretty rare but I know about it. The ones that I'm really interested in are the SSV9 DELTA (precision) and the FM BOBCAT ECHO (assault). If you know anything about these weapons, or about any weapons with ALPHA or FOXTROT in their name, please reply to this post, and add the info to the bottom of the weapons page where there is a section about high-grade weapons. Also if you get a lot of info about one of these weapons, you should make a page about it.

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    • I made a page about it a few days ago: Grade

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    • Fthe bobcat is a echo and the other gun is a delta

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    • A FANDOM user
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