Update 1.2.0

Update Description

Download Afterpulse and receive 250 gold and a 4 star cap for FREE!

New Halloween Content: Check out the new exclusive Nightcrawler series content. This Halloween season get these terrifying crates and complete your equipment.

Get the three new Nightcrawler gear sets: Monster, Ghost and Skull. Each series has its own eye-catching, horror inspired style and skills but share a unique trait: each individual item has its own stats, but by wearing the complete set you'll add and improve your overall player stats.

The new frightening-looking Nightcrawler series weapons can be fused and evolved like every other, but they have a special feature: these weapons provide extra weapon XP points every time you make multiple kills.

New game map: Get started in the new Close Quarters Camp. This military training compound grounds features full dynamic rain effects and a fast-action alleyway structure. It has been specially designed for close quaters combat battles.

Other: 16 languages: English, Spanish, Korean, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Malaysian. Balanced gameplay and mechanics Game optimization for improved framerate Various bugs and crash fixes iOS9 of higher required

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