How to obtain

Monthly reward:

Players could obtain a 4 star veteran weapon for every 28th day (month) they logged in. For this to happen they would have to log in dailey and claim their reward everyday and slowly work their way up the 28 day reward calender.

Random crates:

Another possible way to get a low star veteran weapon is to randomly recive a veteran crate after a match. There were two possible veteran crates, one with a black lid and red base and the other fully red, both have very low drop rates. The difference between the two is that the crate with the black lid and red base has a very low drop rate to drop a 1-3 star veteran while the fully red crate is a garenteed veteran 1-3 stars.

In App Purchase (IAP):

During the 2015 Thanksgiving sale the developers made it possible to buy 1 veteran crate everyday for the length of thanksgiving, making it possible to accuquie 4, 4 star veteran weapons.

Series Bonus

All the weapons in this series are endowed with an overall efficiency upgrade, with high-quality materials and fire mechanisms

Weapons in series









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